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fifth process post

who are you, dear reader?

Creating this blog, I focused a lot on how I wanted my blog to look like and I didn’t spend a lot of time thinking about how it would be perceived. Since I am making this blog for me, I assume my audience to be close to my age, interested in similar things and in high school or university. Some of the references in my posts would be mostly understood by people who are active on twitter or similar online communities, and who enjoyed vine.  Since my blog include reflections on videos and my own take on media in and around vine, my audience would largely be active on social media. Which is why, my social media links are important.  My content is light-hearted, and aimed at entertaining or making someone laugh. With so much negativity on the Internet that can feel inescapable at times, my blog offers a chance to breathe and smile a bit. My posts aren’t too lengthy and get right to the point with images and videos to interact face-to-face with my readers. I’m working on making my blog easy to navigate, balanced with the right mix of media and text, and genuine and real in my persona. I have been working on making myself seem as real as possible, and share the struggles in being creative, but find joy in the process.

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