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blog posts ahead??

Blog posts ahead? Um yea, I sure hope there are

Thinking for an idea for this blog came with a deadline and a few personal goals. I knew I wanted to come up with an idea right away to get started, it needed to be something that was sustainable and substantial if I was coming up with weekly content, and I had to really, really, reaaaally like it. The last one being the most important, I wanted to enjoy sitting down and creating every week. So I thought about things I loved. I love spending time with people, my friends, and my family.

My Lil’ sis Alex is a combination of those two things, and she’s growing up to be a miniature version of me ūüėÄ We laugh and joke about the same things, when we’re together it’s like our minds are one even with an eight-year gap between us.


 a frequently quoted vine between me and my siblings by Drew Gooden


One of my favorite things on Twitter used to be finding vine threads. A tweet with memorable vines as replies. Those were like finding black holes, and how I got re-introduced to Vine. A few months ago I looked up vines and found compilations of them ranging from 20 to hours of them. Watching this with my friends and my little sister found us referencing¬†them in public. After thinking okay, this could be it and also people¬†might think I’m a little weird but not as weird as some people on vine LOL.

Way back when I was in grade 9, ya girl had a vine account! I tried with this blog in mind to dig deep and find my old account but after asking multiple friends and searching up every page with hacks for getting it back, I had to give up my search. But I did remember a particular vine of mine that got a lot of likes and comments.

So I set about re-making my vines

First I thought about the logistics of it, how was I going to make vines without the app? I googled apps similar to vine but they seemed a little complicated. Then I remembered the video feature on Instagram lets you record and stop to add/remove clips. And on a late Sunday night after work, I sat down right before I was going to bed with a white shirt in front of my desk (like I did a few years back) and made a vine about

“When you’re sooo over studying for midterms” #sodone #overit

Not gonna lie this was pretty fun. I love just taking out my phone for a few pics or real, funny video on the go and this felt effortless.¬† I showed this to my little sister and she¬†couldn’t wait to make her own. Putting this up made me excited about what other content I could create for my blog. Here’s to more vines and laughs from the Lil’ sis¬†ūüôā



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